The Campalina was an Australian bulk freighter carrying a cargo of timber products from Sibu to Penang (both Malaysia) when she foundered and sank in Dec 1992. She is sometimes locally referred to as the Layback wreck or similar names for unknown reasons.


Although she rests upside down, she remains an interesting dive. Her cargo of heavy wood beams admittedly doesn’t offer much excitement, but it is possible to penetrate into her superstructure and engine room. Access is a bit tight, but at only 43m to the bottom she remains a relaxed dive and the wreck is resplendent with fish & marine life.


Wreck Details
Name: Campalina (orig Tarinna, then Bonastar)
Type: Australian Bulk Freighter
Cargo: Timber Products
Length: 78.3m
Beam: 12.1m
Draught: 4.9m
Tonnage: 1596 GT, 1890 DWT
Propulsion: Steam
Horsepower: 11600 HP
Max Speed: 11 knots
Launch Date: May 1955
Shipyard: Grangemouth DY
Sinking Date: Dec 1992
Max Depth: 42m to bottom
Min Depth: 35m
Orientation: Inverted, resting on her starboard main deck and facing SE