Codd Wreck

Situated on Kerang Gelang Reef, Bintan Indonesia this 100 year steel wreck, famous for its Codd Bottles has aptly been named “Codd Wreck”.

Hiram Codd  patented a bottle filled under gas pressure in 1872. This bottle pushed a marble against a rubber washer in the neck, creating a perfect seal for carbonated drinks and aerated water. The bottle found at this wreck is marked “Singapore” and “Fraser and Neave” (currently known as F & N) and from our research this vessel may have sailed between 1883 and the 1930s.

Codd Wreck is located at 4 to 15 metres and basically the structure has become “the reef”. The wreck is covered in hard coral and has become part of the reef. The ribs of the ship are visible, as are the sides and wheel house. The wreck is sitting upright and is 30 metres long with sheltered areas to explore.

Photos by Karen Savins (2 April 2016)

Codd Wreck Bintan hard coral with diver GS-Diving Codd Wreck Bintan Indonesia Scorpian Fish GS-Diving Codd Wreck Bintan side of wreck GS-Diving Codd Wreck Bintan stern hard coral GS-Diving

Codd Wreck Batam Indonesia GS-Diving Codd Wreck Bintan Indonesia GS-Diving

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