Maritime Fidelity

In 1999 the Maritime Fidelity was fully laden with fertilizer bound for Vietnam when she collided with the empty supertanker New Venture, heading westbound for Singapore. The master of the Maritime Fidelity reported that she was taking water from a hole on the portside, while the New Venture reported a small hole in her bow above the waterline. Three hours later the master of the Maritime Fidelity reported the ship was in danger of sinking and gave the order to abandon ship. All 28 crew were rescued by the Singapore Navy.


After sinking the ship was a navigation hazard, and the salvage contract was awarded to Smit. They drained 450 tons of fuel oil from the wreck and cut off the 3 deck cranes and superstructure to provide minimun clearance of at least 23m over the wreck. The superstructure was deposited to the side of the wreck and is diveable with 3 penetrable levels. The engine room is also easily accessible and makes a very nice dive.

Wreck Details
Name: Maritime Fidelity (prev Gold Mount)
Type: Bulk Carrier
Crew: 28
Cargo: 22,000 tons Muriatic Potash (fertilizer)
Length: 159.8m
Beam: 25.2m
Draught: 10m
Tonnage: 25,406 DWT; 14,921 GT
Max Speed: 13.5 knots
Launch Date: 1984
Shipyard: Imabari Zosen
Sinking Date: Jan 1999
Max Depth: 48m to bottom
Min Depth: 26m to top of deck
Orientation: Upright