Tiny Tug

The tiny tug is a recent discovery, and we aren’t yet sure what her name is.  While only 18m long, she is a beautiful dive sitting upright on the bottom at 44m.


Perhaps due to her small size, she is incredibly well preserved with her wheelhouse virtually intact. The windows are still partly ajar, as the crew left them, and her wheel and the bridge telegraph are still in their original positions. Moving back along the wreck, the oversized propellor she used for towing remains in place and you can still picture the tow rope sliding along her rounded stern.


Making the Tiny Tug even more interesting are the exploration possibilities – we believe she lies only 50-60m from the wreck of a coastal freighter, and are hopeful of linking the two once we have have the opportunity to mount a scooter search.  Look for further developments, photos, and hopefully a name for this pretty little wreck.