Anambas Islands, Indonesia

Anambas Islands, Indonesia is a group of Islands located North East of Bintan, in the South China Sea. This location used to be a base for off-shore oil drilling and natural gas explorations, but is now a famous location with amazing coastal spots, crystal clear water and untouched coral reefs. Diving in Anambas will always guarantee you seeing amazing sea life such as nudibranchs, barracudas, moray eels, turtles and even the occasional whale shark.

Pulau Damar
The island is shaped like a large rock with a steep roof. The shape of the island (underwater pinnacle and sloping reef), great visibilty, abundance of sea life and beautiful coral reef allow for great spots for diving. There is even a chance to spot a whale shark during migrating season.

Tokong Malag Biru
A small island located in the South China Sea, with exceptional visibilty, great and easy to dive. Malang Biru is a must-dive location.

Batu Kataoka
A submerge pinnacle rich in marine life and clear waters. Assured to see all sorts of sea life, with great visibility there is always a chance to see black tip reef sharks in the area.