Southern Reefs Of Batam, Indonesia

Riau Archipelago Indonesia Fish Traps

The Riau Archipelago is a cluster of islands south of Singapore, of which Batam and Bintan are the best known. However, once one travels south past the developed Batam and Bintan, a window opens into a beautiful and seldom visited world of the past. We range all the way down to below the equator, and as we get further south through the Lingga and Singkep Islands, civilization only becomes increasingly remote.

This is a land of countless uninhabited islands, interrupted only by the occasional small fishing village.  Most of the locals live much the way they did several hundred years ago, without TV, refrigeration, electric lighting, telephones, motor vehicles, roads, grocery stores, hotels or the other trappings of modern society.

While this part of the world is rarely visited, it is even more seldom dived- we are the only dive operator that has made an effort to seriously explore the region, and we are the only operator that runs trips to the area.

Given the low population density, the aquatic environment is virtually pristine with healthy coral reefs full of aquatic life. This is the most remote and best preserved patch of ocean you can find anywhere near Singapore.

Best of all, these islands are sheltered from the N.E. monsoon, allowing us to dive the region year round while the rest of Singapore is stuck at Pulau Hantu.  Seas in the area are generally calm and the diving is relaxing with a max depth of 30m and an average dive depth of 15-20m.

Tambelan Island lies towards the Southern end of the island group, and is well known as a sea turtle hatchery but is seldom visited due to its remoteness.  At the right time of year we can watch the turtles coming ashore and laying their eggs.  There are also quite a number of WWII era wrecks around the region, which given the relatively shallow water depth are easily accessible, perfect for beginning wreck divers.