Garmin Descent MK2i




Garmin Descent MK2i

If you are wondering which dive computer you should be buying, this is the answer to your question. Talk about top of the line, the Garmin Descent MK2i is a highly advanced, watch-style dive computer is the ultimate premium unit that comes with features beyond the MK2 such as air integration pressure monitoring and Sub Wave Sonar data transmission. It also includes multi sport training and other smart features and has a titanium bezel and backplate that differentiates from the MK2 For scuba divers, you can select between multiple dive modes for your underwater adventures. You can measure your performances from recent dives and track your scuba diving stats anywhere you are. Different sports apps such as Golfing and Skiing are available through the watch, making this product the most versatile Dive Computer around. The Garmin Descent MK2 smart dive computer also features Garmin Pay, music capabilities and user notification alerts. Through the Garmin Dive app, users are also able to share and review dives with other fellow scuba divers. The Descent Mk2i boast a battery life of up to 16 days in smartwatch mode, and up to 80 hours in dive mode. When paired with a Descent T1, the Descent MK2i has a battery life of up to 32 hours.



Pair with inReach satellite communicators and the inReach dive case.


Store and review data for up to 200 dives — and share via the Garmin Dive app.


Track your entry and exit points with advanced satellite connectivity.


Get multiple dive modes for single and multiple gas dives (including Nitrox and trimix), gauge, apnea, apnea hunt and closed circuit rebreather.


Add additional screens for each dive mode that features the fields you want to see.


Transmit data — such as remaining air time, air consumption rate and more — for you and other divers within a range of 10 meters.


Pair with Garmin Descent T1 transmitter for integrated pressure monitoring on up to 5 tanks via SubWave sonar data network.