Gull Coco Fins




Gull Coco Fins is an excellent choice for women or new comers to the sport of Scuba Diving. It is a pair of lightweight and compact fins that allows an extremely comfortable kick, with a good amount of power for recreational divers. The range of attractive colours also enables the diver to match accordingly to the rest of the gears!


DX SPEC fin buckle is now easier to deal with. It has a much better designed center guide. The quick release locking mechanism can now be latched, and detached even by weak and tired hands. However, this does not means it is weak or comes undone unexpectedly when diving. You can also fine tune the straps easily after wearing the fins. This is a Made in Japan fins, so expect only the best and maximum reliability out of the Gull Coco Fins.


The lateral flex of the blade firmly catches water. The channeling effect and jet holes send water backwards. This generates a strong propulsion, even for divers who are unsure of their leg strength.


Weight: 875 Grams

Length: 53 cm

Blade Width: 19.1 cm

Foot Pocket Width: 95 cm

Foot Pocket height: 85 cm

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Gull Coco Fins