Gull Vader Mask




Gull Vader Mask – Enjoy brighter and clearer visibility underwater, with many colour combinations for both males and females! Gull Vader Masks makes diving enjoyable, and is also very eye-catching indeed in photographs!


It has no center frame and the undivided window lets you maximise the aquatic vision. Enjoy a wide, clear sight, and less sensation of pressure on your face. This is excellent for divers in environment or situations where field of view is crucial – E.G: Commercial Divers.


The silicone used is a high grade Japanese made, and features a curl lip end. This removes the “ring” commonly seen on a diver’s face when they surface. (Due to over tightening and also the mask skirting of a poor design stressing directly on the diver’s face.) The Gull Vader Mask surely seals nicely due to the curl lip end design, and is softer on the face. Enjoy a gentle but effective sealing effect, and the drain skirt is designed to improve water expulsion during mask clearing. It also prevents water from pooling.


The quick adjust system (DX SPEC system) on the Gull Vader Mask is easy to do so, even if wearing a thick glove. The adjustments are very fine, therefore the best fit guaranteed. It is also easy to adjust even with one hand.


As important as protecting UV rays on a human’s skin, this mask comes with a UV 400 block Amber Lens, and has ultraviolet light cutting features. The lens blocks more then 98% of the UV-A,B and C wavelengths that reaches the earth’s surface, that were not being diminished by the ozone layer. You will naturally find the lens amplifies light underwater, and naturally have a much enjoyable view as compared to other clear lens masks.

Photographers can select the CLEAR lens version, so that it does not distorts white balancing. Females and underwater models told us that they prefer the SUPER CLEAR version, so that their beautiful faces can be seen on the photographs.


Weight: 246 Grams

Inner Space: 140 cm

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Gull Vader Mask