Scubapro Hydros Pro BCD




Scubapro Hydros Pro is a true breakthrough in dive comfort and convenience. The mouldable Monprene®, adjustable fit and multi-attachment points combine to make this the most customisable and comfortable BC ever.


Interchangeable straps, a packable design and an included backpack with room for your entire dive kit make the Scubapro Hydros Pro perfect for any destination and any dive!


Product Features:

Monprene® construction means ultra durability. The Scubapro Hydros Pro also stands up to UV, chemicals, and abrasion without showing typical signs of wear. The modular construction makes repairs/replacement even from remote locations extremely easy.


When you are wearing the Scubapro Hydros Pro, you will not even know it is there. The Scubapro Hydros Pro moulds to your specific body shape, and has been designed with body grip gel, providing extreme comfort and stability. Near-Zero inherent buoyancy means less lead. And, thanks to a back inflation, smart air system you can dive in any position.


Includes both the Trav-Tek straps and a fully integrated weight system. With a quick switch of clips, you can transform the Scubapro Hydros Pro from a harness travel BC to an integrated weight BC. Now you only need one BC for both local diving and travel!


Easy to add, remove, or replace weight systems, bungees, D-rings, accessories, and pockets to make the Scubapro Hydros Pro truly your own. With a wide range of mountable accessories and kits, your options are endless. Those can also quickly be changed based upon the dive and conditions.


The Scubapro Hydros Pro goes everywhere with you. Instant dry, lightweight and compact, with a unique smart-pack design, also comes with a customised backpack designed to fit your entire dive kit on your back.


Specialised Fit for Women:

Smaller air bladder, with shorter inflator hose. Curved shoulder straps that fit perfectly. Experience the difference of diving with a more thoughtfully designed BC for women.

Available for Men sizes: Small, Medium & Large

Available for Women sizes: XS/S & Medium

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Scubapro Hydros Pro