Seac Sub Action HR




Seac Sub Action HR wrist dive computer is latest from the brand for 2020. This dive computer is designed to be sporty, have a wide range of functions for the price. This is the High Resistance (HR) version, that has black bezel and buttons. The HR version has an ultra durable structure treated for improved resistance to abrasions and corrosion.

Seac Sub Action HR is designed to have great ergonomics for performance, and also simple menu navigation to be user friendly. The LCD screen has adjustable contrast intensity, and the backlight allows divers to use this at night.

Making no compromise on safety, it uses the Bühlmann ZHL-16C decompression algorithm when set to SCUBA mode. It also allow the dive profile to be used with 1 or 2 mix gas of oxygen concentration up to 99%.

Divers of certain organisations plan their own decompression profile, and therefore the GAUGE mode allows such divers to monitor their dives, being a depth gauge with stopwatch functions when running the decompression precisely.

FREE DIVING mode are for free divers to monitor their dives, surface time, current depth, and also the maximum depth during the session.

Warning alarms will be activated if the MOD has been exceeded, violation of decompression profile, and also if the diver is ascending too fast. Seac Sub Action calculated the “No Fly” time, tissue desaturation, and also the maximum level of altitude allowed.

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