Trip Report 27 and 28 Sept 2016 (DiveSingapore)

On Saturday, GS-Diving PADI Instructor How was conducting PADI Open Water at our local diving spot, Pulau Hantu. Viz was ok at 3 metres. The recreational divers were excited as they saw alot of macro life. Everything was much easier to see. Previous weekends saw visibility at around 1 metre. However, on Sunday viz was … Read more

29 September 2016 (Meet our newly certified PADI Instructor – Gary Lim)


Meet our new GS-Diving Padi Instructor – Gary Lim. Congratulations!






Here is Gary’s Bio for your perusal:

PADI MSDT Instructor # 374536
+65 9800 0539

Born in Singapore, Gary Lim started diving in 2015 after a 20 year stint as a Project Engineer in the construction industry.  What started out as a hobby soon became a passion and life-long career for him.

Gary’s Open Water Diver certification in 2015 was a turning point in his life, and he has never looked back since.  His love for the underwater world and marine life prompted him to plunge into this new-found career.

Since then, he has attained his certifications as a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver, PADI Rescue Diver and PADI DiveMaster.  With a strong desire to face the challenges in diving, he pushed his limits and became a PADI Instructor in September 2016.  This allows him to teach students up to the levels of PADI DiveMaster.

While the sky’s the limit, the beautiful ocean has no limits to Gary.  There are endless possibilities in every diving trip and ‘no one dive is the same’.  His fascination with the ocean presents a myriad of imaginations and joy he has never experienced before.  To him, exploring the ocean is an appreciation of God’s beautiful creations.

As a PADI Instructor, he hopes to share his passion and joy with students to explore the beautiful underwater world because the depths of the sea introduces a new world which a non-diver would never see.

Gary would soon be pursuing his certification as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor in 2017.






Trip Report 24 to 25 September (Seaborne)

Weekend Trip! International School Kids! And 5 to 8 metre visibility.
Sorry guys, I was away the whole week… But I’m back!!!
— with GS-Diving PADI Instructor Gary Savins, GS-Diving PADI Dive Master Venice, Victoria, Sandra, Soo Ling, Ying Jie, and ChunYong.

Wonderful, fun loving divers who are great energetic kids! How else to enjoy a wonderful weekend?
Congratulations to our 4 Advanced Open Water Divers and 1 new PADI Open Water Diver!


Enjoy the video too!

Cheers, GS-Diving PADI Instructor Gary Lim.

Trip Report 17 to 18 September 2016 (Seaborne)

Congratulations to our 11 new PADI Open Water Divers!group-photo-seaborne-bintan-batam-sept-2016

Continue to Explore the Beautiful Underwater! Enjoy the video by Gary Lim.

resting-with-card-games-seaborne-gs-divingDo these guys look tired from a day of diving? Nooo!
They were playing a funny card game and laughing till tired!
And they continued singing till way pass mid-night.
A wonderful group of fun loving friends with non stop laughing.
So much fun!

Cheers, Gary Lim (GS-Diving PADI DiveMaster)
with Venice Lye, Cissa Barella, João Baptista, Jules Birchler, André Tibyra, Jaime Reg-Cav, Stefania Calabretta, Vishal Ramakrishnan, Dimitris Magiakos and Gary Savins.




Trip Report 18 September 2016 (DiveSingapore)

Luckily the storm cleared from the previous night and we enjoyed great visibility diving in Singapore’s backyard at a local island called Hantu. Viz was easily 8 to 10 metres. Everyone dived in buddy teams for two morning dives and successfully saw many residents like nudibranchs, pipefish, hard coral and batfish. One team even saw the seahorse. Sand storms were kept to a minimum as divers ensured that they didn’t really fin, but floated slowly along the reef looking for little critters.



15 September 2016 (Pool Session)

gs-diving-small-groupsGS-Diving prides itself with small ratios of PADI Instructors to PADI scuba diving students.

We really want you to learn to the best of your ability, at your pace. It’s a fun interactive class.

Ask questions and know you will be heard and answered. Having trouble demonstrating a skill, don’t worry, help is at hand and will be given promptly.

Learning to dive is enjoyable and not a chore.

Start your underwater discovery today with GS-Diving.



Trip Report 10 Sept (DiveSingapore)

Our local diving trips at a local island in Singapore are always very popular. This Saturday morning saw GS-Diving PADI Instructor Eva, running the boat with 14 recreational divers. She also guided a small group of three. Conditions were great with little to no current. Visability with the group was limited to 2 metres or … Read more

Trip Report 10 to 11 September 2016 (Seaborne)


12 happy divers experiencing scuba diving at Bintan and Batam in Indonesia. Just a quick 1 hour fast ferry from Singapore and a short 10 minute shuttle bus to the boat moored at Nongsa Point Marina and Resort.

Happy Seaborne Divers enjoyed 5-8m Viz at batam this weekend. Wonderful Fun loving Awesome divers! Thanks guys! with Melinda Yon, Krichelle Chua, Shikha Shah, Dana Urmonas, Katherine Lim, Felix Canis Majoris Tan, Grace Lee Mei Yan, Joy Song, Venice Lye, Gary Lim, TongNee Saw and Ken Panko.



Trip Report 3 and 4 September 2016 (DiveSingapore)

We experienced 5-6m viz at Hantu this weekend, a local island in Singapore’s backyard. We dived Saturday and Sunday and had a very nice diving.  4 new PADI Open Water Divers were certified this weekend too. Congratulations!
Cheers, GS-Diving PADI Instructor, Gary Savins

hantu-gs-diving-4-new-padi-open-water-divershantu-gs-diving-singapore-local-backyard hantu-sept-gs-diving  hantu-gs-diving-clear-viz hantu-gs-diving-easy-diving