Dive Box 5 mm High Cut Boots



Dive Box 5 mm High Cut Boots are made using 5 mm thick neoprene and offer a perfect balance between weight, thermal and abrasion protection. The size and shape of the boot have been designed to make sure the boots are get on and off but also ensure that they provide a snug and comfort fit. An anti-corrosive zip makes donning and doffing easier whilst the internal baffle prevents water ingress through the zip.


The moulded sole provides a comfortable, flexible protection from the tips of the toes to the heel with a raised section to keep the fin strap in place. Anti abrasion panels are fitted over the top of the foot to prolong the life of the boot but also to help the foot grip the fin pocket. Another anti-slip and anti-abrasion panel if fitted over the heel to protect the neoprene from the fit strap and provide additional support.