Mares 2 mm Flexa Touch Gloves



Looking for a pair of gloves that feel like a second skin, while also allowing for a great sense of touch? The Mares Flexa Touch Gloves are designed to do just that! Incredibly cool and the close fit design keeps you warm, while allowing maximum dexterity.


The Mares Flexa Touch Gloves are manufactured from 2 mm super-stretch nylon II neoprene rubber, with the wrists cut to make both donning and doffing very easy. All seams are double glued and blind stitched for superior strength and durability. The Mares Flexa Touch Gloves have a textured palm for a real grip. The Mares Flexa Touch Gloves are available in 3 multi sizes and are covered by a 24 month limited warranty.



SMALL – For palm sizes of Extra Small to Small.

MEDIUM – For palm sizes of Medium to Large.

LARGE – For palm sizes of Extra Large to Extra Extra Large