Diving Mask Anti Fog – Frogspit Anti Fog – Buy 4 & Get 1 Free!




Diving Mask Anti Fog – Frogspit Anti Fog – Buy 4, $15 per bottle & Get 1 Free!

Diving Mask Anti Fog – Frog Spit is a premium anti-fog product specifically designed to require no rinsing. A single drop is all that’s required to provide long lasting anti-fog protection. Frog Spit’s crystal clear earth friendly “Green” formula is safe and biodegradable. Frog Spit also has a pleasant tropical fragrance and is safe and effective for use on all types of masks and protective lens.

Diving Mask Anti Fog – Frog Spit has been formulated to meet all your anti-fog needs. NO RINSING NECCESARY! Just one drop spread evenly around the lense is all you need. Originally developed to stop dive masks from fogging, Frog Spit works equally well on swim goggles or any surface that needs long lasting anti-fog protection.


  • Large 60ml bottle                                                                               
  • Apply to dry mask
  • No need to rinse
  • Cheaper than other brands
  • Works better than other brands
  • Green formula, biodegradable
  • Cool name

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