Bare Semi Dry Top Snorkel




The Bare Semi Dry Top Snorkel has a streamlined oval shaped bored tube, and lower flex tube combined to make this snorkel perfect for Scuba Diving. The lower section flex tube automatically swings out of the way when you are using your regulator.


The Bare Semi Dry Top Snorkel has a splash proof dry guard that virtually eliminates water intake through the top of the tube. Swim through wind and wave sprays, without interrupting your breaths. If any water enters the snorkel tube, it can easily be cleared out with the easy purge system that is a one way valve, with extra large self draining chamber at the bottom of the snorkel tube.


The angled mouthpiece fits comfortable in the mouth for hours of snorkelling fun, and is removable if replacement is necessary. The Bare Semi Dry Top Snorkel is also equipped with a quick release buckle which detaches with a single handed action. The Bare Semi Dry Top Snorkel comes in Translucent Blue, Black/Red, Neon Yellow, Clear, Titanium or Pink.