Seac Sub Basic HD Boots



The Seac Sub Basic HD Boots comes in both 3.5mm and 5mm versions. It has a soft sole and comes with instep protectors, and gives more protection than boots without it. Some fins are made as a whole of the fins material itself, e.g: Scubapro Sea Wing Nova, and could cause discomfort on the instep if used with ordinary boots.


The Seac Sub Basic HD Boots also has a modern fin strap holder, that prevents fins straps from slipping off during diving. It also features a zip holder, that prevents the zip from sliding down.


5mm is a popular choice amongst divers who not only want the warmth, but maximum durability of their boots. However, the 3.5mm versions are popular with divers who wants more ankle movements, or those which thicker calf which are slightly tricky to zip all the way up on a 3.5mm.