Open Water Diver Referral Course

From: $480.00



Theory & Pool Dives Only

The PADI Open Water Referral Course is for a beginner, who wishes to do their PADI Open Water Training dives overseas.

Singapore offers students the convenience of completing the theory and pool sessions before departing for their holiday.  Why waste precious days in the classroom when you could be diving?

Your 4 open water dives in the ocean, required to complete the course, could be done at such exotic places like in Thailand (Phuket, Similans or Krabi), Indonesia (Bali, Maldives or Manado), Philippines (Cebu or Malapascua), Malaysia (Redang or Perhentian) just to name a few. (Please note, referral course price does not include open water dives)


  • 10 years of age
  • Virtually anyone who is in good health, reasonably fit, and comfortable in the water
  • Able to swim 200 meters non-stop with no swimming aids
  • Able to tread water or float for 10 minutes with no floating aids

NOTE: You should be in a good healthy state, otherwise a doctor’s opinion should be sought when in doubt. For details of a Singapore Dive Doctor click – here

Detailed Course Structure:

Knowledge Development Sessions:

Upon registration you will receive the PADI Diver Manual and PADI Dive Planner, or access to the PADI Open Water Diver Touch for self study prior to the next lesson. It will take approximately 6 to 8 hours over one week for the self study.

Prior to your theory lesson you will have to:

  • PADI Dive Manual – complete all 5 knowledge reviews and watch a PADI DVD (shared via DropBox) or if using,
  • PADI Open Water Diver Touch – complete all of the modules and print your results for your instructor

Do note that the PADI Open Water Diver Touch is not available for students 13 years or younger and may only be used on an iPad 2 (or higher) or an Anroid Tablet.

During the theory session, you are also required to pass the following completed PADI forms to the instructor:

  • PADI Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Agreement
  • PADI Medical Form
  • PADI Open Water Diver Course Record Form
  • PADI Standard Safe Diving Practice

Then the instructor will go through the completed knowledge reviews and evaluate any mistakes or areas where divers are uncertain or weak at. Upon complete understanding of the uncertainties, students are required to sit through a quiz followed by a final exam to ensure 100% mastery and how and when to apply the knowledge learnt.

Confined Water Dives:

The Skills Development Sessions will take place at Country Club swimming pool.

During the sessions, fundamental skills of scuba diving that are required to keep a diver safe will be taught. Divers will also be introduced to all diving equipment needed during the course.

The pool sessions are conducted on either Saturday or Sunday. The sessions will be held between approximately 10:00am and 4:00pm depending on availability. All you will need to bring is your swimming attire and towel and your instructor will provide the rest!

Even though the fees include all gear needed for the duration of the course, it is advisable that divers invest in their personal mask, fins, snorkel and wetsuit prior to the confined water session. Reason being is that students adapt faster using their own personal gear as they will feel more comfortable and relaxed during the training. In addition, their next dive will require little or no adjustment to the equipment because they are already accustomed to their gear.

What is included in the program?

  • All course materials
  • All necessary dive equipment for the pool session. Only suitable and maintained equipment will be provided to all students as this not only improves your safety but will also improve your comfort and enjoyment in the water
  • Weights, weight belt and tanks
  • One confined (pool) water session (additional pool sessions, if required at $150 per session)
  • Signed paperwork for your next instructor

You will be required to take the paperwork that your GS-Diving instructor gives you at the end of the pool session to your next instructor. Your next instructor will complete the 4 open water dives with you in the ocean, at the destination for your choice.

GS-Diving prides itself in our transparent pricing. All costs are included in the price quoted.