Scuba Finger Spools




Scuba Finger Spools are suitable for all types of diving. It comes in 2 types of lengths namely 20 meters neon yellow, and 30 meters white line.

The 20 meters version comes with #16 nylon line, whereas the 30 meters version are favoured by technical divers, features a #24 Du Pont Fibre nylon braided line, that gives 220 lbs of breakage strength. This line does not stretch, and therefore tension remains when laying jumps in the cave or wreck. Should the line get cut off for any reason, it sinks and not float around that leads you back to the main line of the cave.

It is also extremely compact, sleek and easy to hand for open water dives. Pair them up with our Dive Box Surface Markers, and there is no simple reason not to dive with it. We are more then happy to teach our customers how to attach the spool to the surface markers, and also the correct method of deploying them.

One of the best thing about Dive Box Scuba Finger Spools is that it is jam free. Both versions come with a stainless steel double ender clip, for easy of attaching to the BCD, or to be stowed into the pocket.