Seal Team

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Seal Team Program is designed for young divers (kids eight years and older), this exciting new program is built around action-packed AquaMissions!

The Course:

PADI Seal TeamWhat is an AquaMission? It’s an underwater pool adventure where kids learn scuba activities. Take AquaMission: Inner Space Specialist for example. Here, kids learn how to float underwater like an Astronaut. For AquaMission: Snapshot Specialist, this is where members take pictures of each other scuba diving.

Supported by a video, manual and logbook, the program is broken into two parts. Part one, AquaMissions 1 – 5, teaches kids the basics of diving – things like buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, etc. After building a solid foundation of scuba skills, kids move on to part two.

Skills Mastery:

  • Shallow water entry
  • Donning and adjusting gear
  • Snorkel to regulator exchange
  • Deflating BCD at surface
  • Descending and ear clearing (equalisation)
  • Breathing underwater
  • Swimming underwater
  • Reading air gauge & air supply signaling
  • Clearing water from mask while underwater
  • Breathing from octopus
  • Hand signals
  • Removing and recovering regulator
  • Replace and clearing regulator
  • Fin pivot
  • Hovering
  • Inflating BCD at surface

AquaMission 1
In your first AquaMission, you learn the basics of diving. You get to breathe underwater, learn about your air gauge and practice hand signals with your instructor and PADI Seal Team friends. It all starts here – have a great time!

AquaMission 2
In AquaMission 2, you build on your scuba skills by practicing regulator skills. By learning good regulator recovery methods, you become a more confident diver and great PADI Seal Team buddy (more on that later).

AquaMission 3
In the third AquaMission, you learn mask clearing, octopus breathing and hand signal skills. After this AquaMission, you’re more than halfway to becoming an official PADI Seal Team member! How cool is that!

AquaMission 4
In this AquaMission, you learn what it’s like to be weightless – just like an Astronaut in space! Controlling your buoyancy – being able to “hover” underwater – is one of the most important skills for a PADI Seal Team member.

AquaMission 5
This is your last AquaMission for Level 1! After this you’ll be an official PADI Seal Team member! Get ready to show off what you’ve learned as you move on to your Speciality AquaMissions and to becoming a PADI Master Seal Team member.

Program Schedule:

Program will be run to suit your schedule with the duration of  3 – 4 hours. Aquamissions or Speciality Aquamissions will be carried out in 1 pool session. Pool sessions can be scheduled on either Saturday or Sunday 11am to 3pm.

For kids between 8 and 9 years of age,  participants and parents or guardians must complete and sign the PADI Seal Team Statement prior to in-water activities. This statement is valid for 12 months.

What is included in the program?

Your child will be supplied with all the diving equipment required for the pool session. Only suitable and maintained equipment will be provided to all students as this not only improves their safety but will also improve their comfort and enjoyment in the water. All they will need to bring are their swimming attire and towel and the instructor will provide the rest!

  • All course materials
  • All necessary dive equipment
  • Air cylinders
  • Seal Team medical statement, safe diving practices and liability release forms
  • A super cool Seal Team program completion certificate

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